5 applications to get fit and achieve your ideal weight

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Be in shape. The eternal dilemma for many, losing weight is a daily struggle. Unhealthy options are everywhere and today’s complicated work schedules make it harder to find time to exercise and achieve that long-sought goal. However, technologies, such as mobile applications, can provide additional resources and help us keep the goal clear and the picture clear. From Wazobiatech, we will give you a list of some tools that will advise you and accompany you in training, calorie counters, meal guides and other basic tools to reach your goal. You can buy the green coffee product here.


The Fitbit application, free for download, not only allows you to record and track when is the best time to eat, drink and exercise, it also tells you what is the best time to sleep, because lack of sleep also affects your weight. The notifications that will appear on your mobile will help you to be north of your goal. With the latest Fitbit update, users will be able to share the heart rate they have during the exercises and the GPS training maps.

Download Fitbit App Here

Noom Coach

This application, developed by Noom Inc. and free to download, turns our smartphone into a personal weight loss coach. The app, which to date has more than 10 million users, has programs created by doctors to help control conditions that continuously affect, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. This tool is designed to help you master new healthy habits. Noom Coach will give you a plan to follow every day and help you count calories and steps needed to lose weight. You will be at your ideal weight in the blink of an eye!

Download Noom Coach Here


Also free, Jefit is designed to help you train smarter in the gym, outdoors or in your own home. It has an exercise planner with professional training and a database with more than 1,300 exercises that your smartphone will be at your disposal. Additionally, you can add your own exercises and make graphs with the measurements of your body so you can see the progress you have in each session and continue with your clear.

Download Jefit App Here

Calories counter

The calorie counter application, developed by MyFitnessPal, can cause some stress, but knowing what you eat is necessary to keep your goal clear: lose weight and be better. This app, downloaded by more than 50 million users, makes things easier for you: it has a database with more than 5 million food that allows you to enter and save meals with a simple click. In addition, this mobile tool connects to various applications and fitness devices and allows you to import and track recipes found online.

Calories counter App for weight loss
Calories counter App for weight loss

Download Calories Counter Here

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Ideal weight

Requesting a medical appointment, arriving at the doctor’s office and speaking with the specialist is not the only way to know your body mass index (BMI). Now, thanks to new technologies, there is an application for that. This is ideal weight, which calculates your BMI based on the numbers you enter your height and weight. Additionally, this free app will give you an estimate of what your ideal weight range should be and, best of all, it will guide you to achieve your goal.

Ideal weight for weight loss
Ideal weight for weight loss

Download Ideal Weight Here

Are you from the gym and a nutritionist or are you open to taking care of yourself with a good group of mobile apps?

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