Google makes it easier to install apk files yourself

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Android makes it very easy to download and install apk files outside the Play Store. Until now, future updates were not installed, but that will change.

Install safer apk files with help from Google

Google will add a small amount of data to all apps in the Play Store to verify its authenticity. If you then distribute or download the install file from that app through another site, Android can recognize whether the app originally came from the Play Store. If that is the case, the app will be linked to your account and you can download updates for that app via the Play Store. This happens automatically.

The install apk files on an Android smartphone is very easy, and it has its advantages. For example, if an application is not yet available in Nigeria, or it is a large file that you prefer to download via your PC, then you can easily install it outside the Play Store.

Unfortunately, it also causes some of the biggest vulnerabilities in the operating systems. If you download APK files via shady sites, then malicious people can also add viruses to an installation file. And if the developers of the application add new features or close security leaks, you have to manually download a new installation file. This is changing: if the app is recognized as legitimate and comes from the Play Store, you will automatically receive all updates after installation.

Offline Security check is now Available

Especially in emerging countries, it has to make Android smartphones much safer. Their apk files are often shared offline, for example via a memory card, because there is no cheap internet availability.

To further meet these users, Google ensures that the apk files will be checked offline. If it is an authentic app, it will be linked to the user’s Google Play account as soon as there is an internet connection again. If updates for the app are available, they can be downloaded via the Play Store.

Developers do not have to do anything to make their apps fit for the new Google measures. The search engine automatically adds a small amount of metadata to each app. This makes the installation files a fraction larger, although the difference is probably negligible in practice.

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