iOS 12: The Apple new Software is official

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The time has finally come: the Apple developer conference, WWDC, began with the usual speech by Tim Cook. One of the most important announcements has arrived very soon. The expected iOS 12 is here. The new version of Apple’s operating system comes with many new features.

One of the things that Craig has shown is the speed of implementation of the new versions of iOS compared to Android. iOS 11 reached 50% of users in just 7 weeks. Currently, 81% of users use iOS 11, compared to 6% of Oreo. According to Apple, the satisfaction of users with iOS 11 is 95%. Numbers that do not leave anyone indifferent and that give a lot, a lot of envy.

ARKit 2.0, augmented reality like you’ve never seen it in Apple

Apple has also improved its virtual reality application development software. ARKit is now updated to version 2.0 and brings many new features. Shared experiences, for example, allow two or more users with different Apple devices to share the 3D virtual plan of the same application to share their content at the same time.

In this field, the novelties have to do with the improvement of face tracking, more realistic renderings, the detection of 3D objects and the already mentioned “shared experiences” that allow interacting with several individuals in real time.

Collaboration with LEGO

Lego and Apple game

Apple has collaborated with the well-known LEGO brand in its development of ARKit 2. Models are now recognized and can be brought to life in 3D with great detail. The combination between physical and digital to create new worlds in LEGO and play with them on any Apple device. In addition, you can play with up to 4 people and go adding more and more objects to the set, as well as characters, see the interior of the buildings… They have shown this live on the WWDC stage. And it calls a lot, a lot of attention.

Measure app, measure everything you want

The precise calibration of the sensors of the devices of Apple allows an accuracy without precedents (according to Apple) and that is why the company has presented a new application called Measure. Thanks to this application we can take measurements in augmented reality with a very high precision. All you have to do is click on the corner of the object in question and pull one line to the next. It has been amazing to see him doing it in the live event.

USDZ format in collaboration with Pixar

Apple has announced that it has worked with Pizar to develop a new file format for 3D objects or augmented reality and more (graphics, animations …) called USDZ. In addition, it will be supported by third-party applications such as Adobe, Autodesk and others and will be compatible with all iOS 12 devices.

The photo application, more personalized than ever

iOS 12 also brings many new features to the Apple photo application. Nowadays the snapshots that we take with our smartphone have replaced the traditional ones and the most normal thing is that we all accumulate millions of our favourite moments in our device.

One of the important improvements that bring the new operating system of Apple is the search. The ‘search’ function is now easier, more intuitive and much more effective. The algorithm has changed and now you can find any snapshot for many photos you have: by theme, landscape, date…

The other novelty and the most innovative comes hand in hand with personalization. Now you will see a new section under the name of ‘For you’ in which you will be shown outstanding photos, as well as an ‘on this day’ section in which all the captures of the day (and of other years on the same day) will appear. In addition, ‘For you’ is accompanied by ‘sharing suggestions’ or suggestions to share, which as its name suggests will offer you the possibility to share the snapshots with whoever you want and with whom your device suggests, since it is capable of recognizing the most frequent faces. This is really the most interesting thing. When those familiar faces appear your Apple device will know who they are.

Siri wants to be the queen: arrive “Shortcuts”

Siri is going to make a good change, or at least that’s what Apple has announced with the arrival of “Shortcuts” (shortcuts) that will connect the assistant of the Cupertino with a multitude of applications. For example, if you have Tile App and connect with Siri and tell her that you have lost the keys, Siri automatically activates the search application.

Siri is more than a voice and constantly works to suggest new things, that’s what Apple’s say. Now, thanks to Shortcuts, it will directly suggest it to you on the screen through a notification. It will remind you to call your grandmother on her birthday, suggest you turn off the silent mode after the meeting or ask if you want coffee at your favorite place where you do it every morning … even if you have little time left get somewhere and Siri thinks you can be late, he will suggest you if you want to call the other person on the date to tell him that you will be delayed.

News, Stocks, Voice Memo, Apple Books and Car Play

The Apple News update comes with a new design that makes it possible to see the news highlighted in another way. Now the “Top Stories” section has been carefully selected by the editorial team of Apple to ensure that the content is of high quality.

In addition, Stocks, the application dedicated to the Apple stock market has been completely redesigned. Just open it you can see the graph of the last 24 hours of the actions you are following. Stocks have been integrated into News and are now also able to show you news related to the financial market. You can click on any and see the detail, as well as read the full related article without leaving the app. For the first time, Stocks will also be present on the iPad.

Voice Memo has also been redesigned and also, as Stocks, makes its appearance on the iPad for the first time and also synchronizes with the iCloud.

Another novelty is Apple Books, the old iBooks. In addition to the new name, it includes the “reading now” function to continue reading where you left off, and has a new store for books and audiobooks.

Apple CarPlay has also been updated and is ready to support third-party navigation applications such as Google Maps or Waze.

News about notifications

This is another change that Apple users are waiting for impatiently. It is well known that iOS notifications have never been up to their Android counterparts, being somewhat confusing and unclear. With iOS 12 you can say goodbye to all this, the notification system for iPhone and iPad has been redesigned from scratch improving the overall experience.

Notifications are FINALLY grouped by application, 5 years after Android. Better late than never, but before it would have been better. It is also possible to change notification settings directly from the locked screen, which can also be useful in some cases.

DND – Do Not Disturb (do not disturb)

The DND mode has been improved by entering Bed time, literally translated as ‘bedtime’. Once activated this mode, it will not be possible for notifications on your iPhone to wake you up. Now it is also possible to activate DND directly from the ‘Control Center’ by simultaneously selecting the duration of the device’s silent period. To sleep!

Screen Time: control the time you “lose” on your smartphone

One of the novelties presented by Google to I / O this year has been the control of the time spent on the smartphone and the so-called Digital Wellbeing. Could it be less Apple? In this control centre, you can check the total time “lost” on your smartphone, in individual applications, the frequency with which you use a certain application every hour and the number of notifications sent to you by applications, which bothers you. With the “Weekly Activity Summary,” you will have an idea of all the time consumed in each app.

Of course, you can limit the time spent in each application by configuring a usage timer. The timer will be synchronized between all Apple devices, such as iPhone and iPad.

New Animoji and the arrival of the Memoji

The Apple messaging application has been improved in many ways. A lot of time has been devoted to presenting all the news related to the Animoji. Now, it will have detection of movement of the language (yes, the animals will be able to remove it) and new characters like the Koala, Ghost (ghost), Tiger (tiger) and T-Rex have been added.

Apple new Animojis
Apple new Animojis @Wazobiatech

Apple also wants to give you the ability to customize your Animoji. And for them, which are really like your virtual copy, they have created the name of Memoji and they are quite similar to the Samsung Emoji ARs. They differ in the method of creation (in this case manual) and in the precision of the movements (better in iPhone X thanks to the hardware FaceID).

Animoji and Memoji can be used in real time in the iMessage camera to personalize your photos. Creative filters have also been added that can be applied at the same time as Animoji / Memoji to the iMessage camera.

The Apple Facetime video call app is now integrated into iMessage, allowing group calls of up to 32 participants.

iOS 12: Compatible devices

Apple smartphones compatible with the new operating system of the Cupertino house are the following:

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • Iphone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • Iphone 5s

And the iPad, these:

  • iPad Pro (12.9 “)
  • iPad Pro (10.5 “)
  • iPad Pro (9,7 “)
  • iPad
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini 4
  • iPad Mini 3
  • iPad Mini 2

And to you, which of the new features of iOS 12 is the one that you liked the most or got the attention? Are you missing something?

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