LG makes old smartphones ‘smarter’ with AI Pack update

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Users of the LG G6, Q6 and V30 will soon receive an ‘AI Pack’ update for their device. These older smartphones get a smarter camera app and other improvements.

LG AI Pack update available soon

From this year on, LG will focus more on artificial intelligence. All consumer products of the company have recently ‘ThinQ’ in the brand name, such as the recently released LG G7 ThinQ. The artificial intelligence is used by others to take better pictures. Older smartphones will also benefit from this, the company announced this month. In the coming weeks, ‘AI Packs’ will be rolled out for different devices. With this update, they are provided with new features.

The LG G6 and Q6 receive a basic package consisting of a Voice Assistant and Vision Assistant. That first option adds voice control with which you can open apps or take a picture.

LG G6 update

The Vision Assistant expands the camera app with ‘Q Lens‘, with which you can recognize objects and products. If you see a pack of cookies, for example, you will get a link to order those cookies directly online. These devices are also equipped with Google Lens support.

LG V30 update with AI Pack 1.0

For the LG V30, which has been on sale in Nigeria since the end of last year, AI Pack 1.0 will soon be ready. It has the same features, but also adds ‘AI Cam’. This enables object recognition in the camera app to automatically adjust the settings. If you take a photo of your cat, the camera, for example, anticipates fast, sudden movements.

According to LG, this AI Pack also provides improvements in the area of ‘safety and ease of use’. The LG G6 was recently updated to Android Oreo, for the Q6 that update would not be planned. It is unclear whether this update also includes some Oreo features for the Q6.

When the updates appear exactly is unknown. LG says that these will be rolled out in the coming weeks. The company also promises continuous updates over the next two years to make new updates available for existing devices. It is unknown for which devices that updates will all appear.

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