The phones with the most durable battery

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Do you think that the most important thing in a ‘smartphone’ is that your battery lasts a lot? Take a look at our list. One of these phones could be for you. The last thing you need is for your phone to run out of battery when you need it most.

In general, a phone lasts a full day of work with moderate use. But if you use it to a large extent, you will have to recharge it more frequently. The batteries also lose strength over time, running out faster the longer you carry your phone. The ghost of battery loss – and therefore the loss of your communication centre – is frightening and real.

If you think your phone’s battery seems to be stuck in the 90’s and it does not last as long as you wish, you’re not alone. So if the long-lasting battery tops your list of smartphone needs, try the phones on this list, which showed incredible performance on series of continuous tests.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Although it is less than last year’s S8 Plus, the S9 Plus’s battery is more durable than any other phone we’ve tested this year. With almost 17 hours, this cell phone performs all days. This is complemented by the second rear camera to capture portraits. Read the review of the Galaxy S9 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S9 review

OnePlus 6 

Like the Galaxy S9 Plus, OnePlus’ newest flagship phone has a shorter battery life than its predecessor. However, the battery life was very good when performing our laboratory tests, with a result of 15.5 hours. The OnePlus 6 is also incredibly fast, takes incredible photos in portrait mode, has a refined design and costs much less than other phones on the market. Read the OnePlus 6 review.

oneplus 6 specifications

Huawei P20 Pro

With a duration of 15 hours and 45 minutes, the three cameras of the P20 Pro capture amazing photographs in low light and their colour will definitely attract attention. However, although Huawei phones are generally well rated and sold around the world, the company faces great criticism from the US government, and the heads of the FBI, CIA and NSA have expressed concern about the phones of the company. No other country has banned Huawei, although Australia prevented Huawei from working on its national broadband network. Read the review of the Huawei P20 Pro.

huawei p20 pro review4-580x375

LG V30

Although it was released last year and since then two other successors have arrived (including the V30S ThinQ and the newly announced V35 ThinQ), the V30 impressed us with its 17.5-hour battery. It also has a large camera, a fast processor, waterproofing, wireless charging and headphone connection. Read the review of the LG V30.

LG V30 review

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

The Galaxy S8 Active also came out in 2017, but there is something we have to say about its battery with a duration of almost 24 hours. Yes we know, its design is resistant and has wireless charging but the important thing is that it is one of the few cell phones with a battery that really lasts all day. Read more about the Galaxy S8 Active.

Samsung S8 Active

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