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Wazobiatech is an online magazine where you, along with other Wazobiatech visitors, are inspired by all news and trends in technology and lifestyle. We deal confidentially with your information. The privacy conditions as mentioned here apply to all visitors of Wazobiatech.


Wazobiatech uses Google Analytics to analyze visitor behaviour. This does not store privacy-sensitive data. Wazobiatech only uses these statistics to keep track of visitor numbers, to use the right marketing and to make the website more user-friendly.


Cookies are small bits of information that a server sends to the browser with the intention that this information is sent back to the server on a subsequent visit. A cookie contains your IP address and no name or address. With the help of the cookie, Wazobiatech can remember your username and password if this is checked in the login area. The cookies are also used, for example, to prevent the advertisements from being constantly displayed when necessary when you visit the site. In your browser, you can disable cookies and there is a chance that you can not use certain parts of optimally. Make sure that you do not store your profile data on public computers.

USE OF USER DATA uses your information to better respond to your wishes and needs. We do our utmost best to show you the most relevant advertisements and use the above-mentioned cookies and/or your IP address in addition to your profile information where necessary. If you are logged in, can anonymize and indicate that you are online based on your username. Your profile is visible to others but is for your first and last name in your profile for the Google search engine. Only if you have explicitly given permission, can send you an e-mail from a third party so that you can receive free nice offers and discounts from Wazobiatech’s partners. You can always unsubscribe from the newsletter, by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ link in the newsletter.


For technical and operational reasons, it may be necessary that you need data for Wazobiatech’s foreign activities, for advertiser campaigns running abroad or for servers running abroad. In that case, too, we will handle your data with the utmost care and keep the Nigeria privacy rules as much as possible. If this is really impossible, then you agree that Wazobiatech uses your data for this.


Wazobiatech is not responsible for the external landing pages of placed links and products on the sites and any other link that goes to other domains rather than Wazobiatech domain. However, Wazobiatech does everything in its power to guarantee the quality of the external link as much as possible.


It is possible that articles change in this privacy statement. We point out that you should therefore regularly view this page to stay informed.