WWDC 2018: the 5 highlights of Apple’s presentation


After much waiting, Apple presented its latest news at WWDC. On this occasion, the apple company focused on software and the latest versions of its operating systems, with iOS 12 being the star of the afternoon: no new devices and no sign of the expected iPhone SE2. In spite of that, the conference, presented by Tim Cook and several of his collaborators through more than two hours in the purest style of Apple, left us a handful of memorable moments. Next, we review the most outstanding ones.

Virtual reality advances by leaps and bounds

One of the novelties of iOS 12 and that aroused more admiration and applause among the public are the improvements in the field of augmented reality. Apple has collaborated with Lego in the development of ARKit 2, with which it will be easier to work with augmented reality objects, as well as enjoy multiplayer games that use this technology.

On the other hand, we can use the Measure application to make measurements of all kinds of objects in augmented reality: everything very spectacular.

Siri returns to the charge

The appearance of Siri in 2011 was a revolution. In contrast, in recent years its competitors had outperformed, and that is something that Apple could not afford. With the improvements presented in this WWDC, Siri aspires again to be the number one voice assistant.

The Shortcuts option is the great novelty. With it, Siri is able to associate certain commands with certain apps, integrating the assistant in these applications. In addition, he is able to remember actions that you usually perform each day and show you a reminder. If you order a coffee every morning at Starbucks, Siri can order it for you automatically.

Apple, aware of the reasonable use of its devices

Every day we use our gadgets more and more, to the point that it can become a problem. Spending more time off due with some applications can interfere in our life, distracting us from our obligations and even creating addiction problems. Apple is very aware of this and to do so, it presents new tools to make a more reasonable use of our devices.

Lego and Apple game

The first of the measures is the introduction of Bed Time in Do Not Disturb mode. in this way, whenever we activate this mode, your iPhone will not notify you of new notifications.

On the other hand, we can control the time we spend using our iPhone through Screen Time, a control centre where we will check the number of hours we spend in each application and the times we use them. Moreover, through a timer, we can limit the time spent in each app. Once reached the top, your iPhone will warn you. This limit can be extended, but in any case, we will be aware of the use we make of our terminal.

The news of Watch OS5

The Apple Watch increasingly incorporates more features, but at the same time, your organization has improved. If the issue of the numerous notifications was a problem due to its small screen, with the arrival of the Group Notifications they will come grouped.

Apple Watch customer satisfaction

Now it will be easier to challenge your friends (in the case that they also have an Apple Watch, of course), being able to share your achievements and see the progress of your friends. It also incorporates Walkie Talkie, a way to communicate much faster and more efficiently through voice messages.

Substantial improvements with macOS Mojave

How could it be otherwise, Apple also introduced the new version of its macOS. As the same Craig Federighi pointed out, it seems that they have become nature fans, because the new operating system has the name of MacOS Mojave, like the American desert.

Mojave is the new update of macOS

The first thing we have seen has been the Dark Mode, the adaptation of the operating system to a night mode that will make the desktop background change colour according to the time of day, watching over our poor eyes that spend so many hours watching the screen.

The new Galery View makes the treatment of photos easier and more intuitive, as well as incorporating new tools such as a video capture device.

On the other hand, classic iOS apps like News or Bolsa make the jump to macOS

We will have to wait until autumn to enjoy Mojave, although the beta version will be available in the coming days.

What did you think of this WWDC? Have you been satisfied with the news or were you expecting something more?

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