WWDC 2018: a day away from knowing Apple’s secrets

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After Google, I / O, Apple’s WWDC is the next technological event of the year. Those of Cupertino will show in their conference on June 4 all the cards they have stored up their sleeves for this year. The first, and most important, is the latest software in the house, but most likely to reveal some other developments that have to do with many of its products: from iPod to iPad, to HomePod via MacBook and Apple Watch. It’s worth not missing it…

Me and you, I would not miss the Apple event

We know, at first you will ask yourself why you should follow the Apple conference, but if you are interested in technology you should. It does not matter if you are faithful to Android, Microsoft or Apple itself, this event marks another important milestone in the tech calendar, not only for developers but also for ordinary users. We have seen how in recent years iOS and Android, once completely indifferent and distant worlds, have come closer and closer together, offering very similar characteristics to each other. A good example of this is Android P with its new gesture controls.

Apple WWDC 2018
Apple iPhone and Watch @ Wazobiatech

At the end of the day, we are talking about two different ecosystems that pursue the same goal: to offer their users the best possible experience, optimizing the system with new functions capable of adapting to the new needs and technologies of the market.

We also know that, in some cases, Apple is the first to launch new features that will soon reach Android. But sometimes the opposite happens: what is known in the Android world comes to Apple in a more mature and better-finished version.

WWDC 2018: how, when and where

No change in location compared to the previous edition. The McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California hosts the Apple Developer Conference, which this year will take place June 4-8. It will start at 7 o’clock in the afternoon.

Good news! Last year Apple did not open the doors of streaming to everyone and it was necessary to have a device of the brand to be able to follow the event. That, or use Safari as a browser. This time the thing has changed a bit and you can “attend” the WWDC comfortably using a recent version of Chrome or Firefox (MSE, H.264 and AAC are required).Thanks, Apple!

The software, at the centre of everything

The main innovations will refer to the new software version for iPhone: the iOS 12. In addition to optimizing the stability of the system, iOS 12 could introduce a redesigned home screen and some new features for applications dedicated to email, camera and photos. There could also be room for some novelty related to AR, Animoji and parental control.

The most interesting novelty could be offered by macOS 10.14, taking into account that Apple is working on universal applications that can be used on Mac, iPhone and iPad, according to some rumours.
Will there be room for the iPhone SE 2?

Two years have passed since the launch of the first iPhone SE. We have been talking about a successor for a long time and it does not seem so absurd to think that in 2018 Apple will launch the new generation. At the moment it is difficult to know if the WWDC will be the occasion to present it, but we are ready to find out what it will offer (get ready for the notch).

WatchOS 5: Monitor the dream with your Apple Watch?

Apple Watch to monitor dream
Monitor the dream with your Apple Watch @ Wazobiatech

A new version of the watchOS could put a good acceleration to the last Apple Watch. And considering that last year the Cupertino company acquired Beddit and its application, it might be time to integrate the functions of sleep monitoring in the Apple wearable.

And what else, Apple?

During the conference, Siri and HomePod could also take the stage. We have seen how Google, with Assistant and its smart home speakers, was making great strides. The Assistant learns new languages, honours his linguistic skills and prepares to be increasingly useful even by making a call in our place (scary on the one hand, but incredibly fascinating on the other). And to think that until two years ago Siri was the only intelligent assistant worthy of the name…

Apple Homepod
Apple HomePod @ Wazobiatech

Apple cannot stand aside and has to optimize Siri and HomePod.It is a necessary step.WWDC 2018 will show us much interesting news, so we will follow the event carefully to update you on the most interesting aspects that could also affect the Android world.

And you, are you one of those who is not going to miss the WWDC? what news do you expect Apple to bring?

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